Supplier Setup (CAN)
The Home Depot Canada welcomes you as a new vendor. On this page you will find important information and forms that you will need to complete to ensure that important aspects of our business partnership have been addressed.
Supplier Terms and Conditions
This document outlines the basic terms and conditions that are associated with being a supplier of THD.
Supplier Buying Agreement Form
These documents outline the specific terms and conditions of our business partnership. They constitute a legally binding agreement between our two companies that will govern our business relationship.
This document describes in detail the steps required to complete an SBA using the eSBA application.
Canada Supplier Agreement - Insurance Approval Request Form
This document outlines THD’s supplier insurance requirements and includes the submission form.
This document outlines the terms related to returned goods and defective merchandise and includes the worksheet form that must be signed and submitted.
Supplier Reference Manual
This document outlines all of Home Depot Canada's business requirements, such as shipping, packaging, payment, etc.