Private Brand/Direct Import/Supply Chain
The Import Supplier page has been developed to assist existing and potential suppliers, both domestic and import, in understanding how to do business with The Home Depot from an Import and Branding perspective.  This page will provide suppliers with frequently asked questions and a framework on which to build a successful relationship.   
The documents on this page have been created to provide guidelines and aid in the initial setup for suppliers.  Please note that the documents are just a starting point for suppliers and additional requirements and documentation will be required once the relationship between The Home Depot and Supplier are established (i.e. SBA, Insurance, etc.).
The topics discussed in the Import Supplier Handbook are dynamic and respond to change in business conditions and stakeholder concerns.  This constant change necessitates a commitment from THD to update its contents as we see necessary.  In response, The Home Depot expects suppliers to diligently review this site and adjust practices accordingly. Please read each document thoroughly and continue to refer back to them as needed.